The first step to start working for DR TECNICA company is to listen to customers, this is an act of caring and the best way to develop ideas and conceive always new concepts. Every detail is built up together with the customer, from materials choice to lights colors and shapes. Step by Step the idea comes to final resolution and to define sale strategy, guaranteeing best quality for every manufacturing. Thanks to a crew of expert people made of designer and technicians, the structure analysis and the target product’s study assure the best result and best performance in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


With several years of experience in producing display solutions for different targets, we gained an estabilished details care and the ability to customize which became the hallmarks for our manufacturing. In addition to the ability of developing customers ideas, the approach to materials choice represents a strong point in our company: research and testing are key points to guarantee aestetics and functionality. Precision and flexibility are the key words with the neverending update of printing machines and wood cut machinery and the construction method evolution.


The vertical integration between professional skills, technological resources and specialized services allows DR TECNICA to create exhibitions with great appeal. The set-up involves great attention to customization, this approach is necessary to make the most of the products and spaces, ensuring the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. An essential role is played by company technical staff which follows the set-up from the start to the end, planning a timing and following the manufacturing till the final assembly. Our team is ready to manage any kind of problem and to implement just in time changes. Each site is tackled with all the professionalism and versatility necessary to achieve performing results stylistically, functionally and in full compliance with the planned timetable. The set-up is a perfect teamwork with the customer, from finishing details to design variations, everything is done by mixing a artisan production balanced with flexibility in order to fullfill good results and planned delivery.


DR TECNICA offers a 360 degrees assistance, from the first concept to the showroom final opening, adding after sale care. We support our customers in updating their working space after sale, in order to maximise the results and keep the target and the retail capacity in the showrooms we realized.